Do you want to stay ballanced in the rapidly changing world of duality? Are you curious about your own potential?

Then you're welcome to MUNAY.


Munay is a word from the Inca cosmology, and it means love, but can also be translated as ' The will to love.' Munay covers both the power of the will and the gentleness of love.                                                                                                                                        Munay is about a healthy inner attitude and a particular vision of life.                                                                                             Munay, the will to love, leads to the will to forgive. The munay-symbol  is a symbol for forgiveness. Through forgiving one clears the way for love, freedom, and compassion.

As Munay Willaq, Voice of Munay, I teach the Munay technique. This is a simple and effective exercise to liberate oneself from (unconscious) blockages. Clearing ballast liberates and opens your heart. The balance of this is more stable than the shaky balance of a closed heart.

In all my work, the munay symbol is used as a tool and points you to your destination: a life of abundance.