Munay, a symbol of forgiveness. A symbol speaks multiple languages and utites people.

Munay [m, (y)ou, n, I] is a word from Inca cosmology, and it means love. The word can also be translated to 'The will to love' because munay possesses both the power of the will and the softness of love.

Munay is about an inner attitude and a particular vision of life. The will to love guides to the will to forgive.


Since antiquity, the square is a symbol that refers to the Earth with its four wind directions. However, the square munay-symbol is not just about the planet we live on, but also the world we live in; Duality, in which both light and dark are present.

The core of the image symbolizes our heart, our 'home' of love. There, life is accepted as it is.

The two triangles represent both the feminine and masculine qualities that each person possesses. Additionally, they refer to the three mainstays of a healthy relationship, as taught by Inca cosmology.

Every man needs to find her or his balance in an endless stream of events and emotions that come and go. For a lifetime, one strives to reach the Golden Middleway, the diagonal.   


A symbol without content is just a meaningless image. This poem accompanies the Munay symbol and provides it with expression. Like the

symbol, this was given to Jessica while she was meditating. 

this gift is for you

the gift of life is of

live it like a dream

a dream in which you can choose

between love or fear and pain

yet there is only love


his is the real gift

your people are one

connected to everything

everyone is an essential part of the whole

you are the dreamer and the

yet there is only love