The Munay symbol is about man in a dual world. This human being is balanced because she is aware of herself.

The symbol shows some geometrical elements: the square, the triangle, the circle, and the line. These elements tell about the awareness of man.


-In ancient times the square referred to Yin, the Great Mother or Mother Earth

-The triangle is about the three pillars under a healthy relationship according to Inca cosmology; Ayni (reciprocity), Yanantin (equivalence), and Munay (the will to love. These three are both the means and the purpose of human development.

 - The circle in the center of the symbol stands for out heart, our home of love

 -In the Munay symbol, Yin and Yang are recognizable. They stand for our qualities, and our inner light and shadow. They are in Yanantin (equivalence) and therefore in balanced. The Cosmic Dance of duality has come to rest.                  

 -The line or diagonal is a mirror. We live in a mirrored reality, a dream-world. The poem accompanying the Munay-symbol says something about this.


Both the symbol and the poem were given to Jessica while meditating.

this gift is for you

the gift of life is of

live it like a dream

a dream in which you can choose

between love or fear and pain

yet there is only love


his is the real gift

your people are one

connected to everything

everyone is an essential part of the whole

you are the dreamer and the

yet there is only love