A lecture about 'Munay' consists of two parts. 

-In the first section, I explain about the meaning of the word Munay and the layering of the symbol.

We discuss our Yin and Yang qualities, and search for the reason why it is that we often let them overshadow by blocking assumption. Then it becomes clear why the heart of the symbol, our hear, has a dark side.

I address and explain about the three-in-one Ayni (reciprocity), Yanantin (equivalence), and Munay (the will to love).

In our time the sacred feminine is re-entering our awareness. The Munay-symbol has also something to do with this.

And we talk about healing. With this, Munay, our willto love, is associated with forgiveness.

-After the break, the Munay-technique is introduced, and it is evaluated. This is a method to practice forgiveness.


Afterward, there is ample opportunity to meet Jessica personally. 

One can also purchase the booklet 'Munay-thewilltolove'.


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