Our hearts symbolize love, it is our home of love. In our hearts, we know that we are worthy of this love. Unfortunately, this is not always confirmed in everyday life. The effect is that we are closing our most sensitive part. By doing so, we are not only shutting the world outside, but we are also trapped in and by the wounds that are packed in our hearts.

The munay-technique prepares you to look at these wounds and see what they actually are: energetic imprints that have molded you. The prints that restrict your functioning and hinder you from living in freedom are we call hucha.


Hucha is all that is non-love.

Hucha is feelings of shame about yourself, the idea not to be good enough. Because of hucha, life is a struggle and often hurts.

Hucha is pure energy that has become ballast. All people have to deal with hucha.


The munay-technique offers a way to deal with hucha (negative attidudes) and teaches to make useof  the transformative power of love. This love everyone posses. 

Cleaning up hucha is the equivalent to forgiving. Forgiveness is the end of selfishness and separation, and the beginning of connection and healing.

Transforming ballast liberates and opens your heart. The equilibrium that flow from this is more enduring than the unsteady balance of a closed heart.

With an open heart, you can see that your neighbor is also vulnerable, and just as struggling with hucha as you. Someone who hurts you has always acted from non-love because operating out of love harms no one.

The munay -echnique is not a flight in a spiritual bubble but teaches you to accept the everyday life of good and bad.                          

Our workshops devote extensive attention to this.