In the spring of 2020, the booklet 'Munay- de wil om lief te hebben' will be published in Dutch. It is about the context, the layering, and the enetgetiic force of the symbol. This booklet is the foundation under all my work.


Because I am co-author of the Global Woman Book Project 2019, you can read my biography ' Becoming Munay Willaq ' together with other inspiring stories in the book: 'How to align body, mind and soul to succeed in business'. 

My chapter, 'The way to Munay Willaq', is available as a free PDF via contact.


The lecture about Munay explains the symbol, poem, and context. You also have the chance to get acquainted with the Munay-technique. This is a forgiveness exercise inspired by Munay.


You are welcome to participate in the weekly meditations of 'Connecting with Munay on Sunday'