An interactive lecture about 'Munay' consists of two parts. In the first section, Jessica speaks about the meaning of the word munay and the layering of the symbol. Also, munay, the will to love, is associated with forgiveness.

In the second section, the munay-technique is intoduced and it is briefly evaluated.

A lecture stands on it own, but is also an introduction to the workshop.

Afterward, there the opportunity to meet Jessica pesonaly and purchase her book 'Munay, a symbol for forgiveness.'                 Find prices and locations at Agenda.



The workshop ' Munay-a road to forgiveness ' is offrered by Jessica and Uta.


Ask yourself the questions: what is it that lives me? What inspires me, and can I express this? And what is it that hinders me from living in freedom? Am I prepared to forgive my past and choose again?                                                                             Looking for answers, you will make a journey through yourself, and utilize the munay-symbol as a navigational instrument. With the help of the symbol, you learn to work with the munay-technique.

The munay-technique is aimed at letting loose or forgive your obstructing ideas. By using this method, you can get an answer to your questions.         

During your journey with munay, the following elements get attention:-Forgiveness,-self-love and authenticity,-experience and learn to guard your personal boundary,-feel both your feminine and masculine qualities,-built and maintain healthy relationships.


Head and Heart

The explanation of munay and the technique appeal to our heads because we have to understand what it is all about. To be able to feel the value of the material in our hearts, we take the time to share experiences and insights, and we do some exercises.

By connecting head and heart, knowledge and experience, the munay-technique can easily integrated in everyday life.



The workshop opens at 10 am and closes at 16.30 pm with a simple ceremony. For this, you can bring a personal item, for example, a ring, stone or an image. This can be added to the center of the ceremony.

All participants recieve a syllabus. In this booklet you will find a short explanation of the topics covered during the workshop. In the back of it, there is room for taking notes. The syllabus and your personal item are a tangible reminder of this day and function as an energetic anchor.


Coffee, tea, water, and something tasty are available. You have to provide for your lunch yourself.

Afterward one can purchase Jessica's book 'Munay, a symbol for fogivenes'. 

Look for prices and dates in the Agenda.                                        

We like you  to sign up and pay beforehand  via Contact.

Minima may discus the fee.