Munay, a symbol of forgiveness. A symbol speaks multiple languases and unites people.

The square munay-symbol shows that it is possible indeed to remain in balance in the rapidly changing world of duality. Forgiveness is a road (the diagonal) to this balance because it libetates you from your balast, clears your head, and opens your heart (the center of the symbol).

A symbol is like a roof over people of the same principles and ideas. You are invited to be part of this. See Lecture and workshop and Munay on Facebook.

A shared and well-known symbol is a tool for direct communication because it circumvents time-cosuming explanations.

This poem accompanies the munay-symbol and gives it meanning. Both were given to Jessica in a meditation.

this gift is for you

the gift of life is of

live it like a dream

a dream in which you can choose

between love or fear and pain

yet there is only love


his is the real gift

your people are one

connected to everything

everyone is an essential part of the whole

you are the dreamer and the

yet there is only love