re-Vision coaching is offered by Jessica.


People are shaped by the interaction of traits, upbringing, transferred patterns, and all kinds of circumstances.

This interaction colors everyone's journey through life; It is part of the personal blueprint. Your blueprint defines your vision on your life, and is the lence that you look throug.

In principle, it can be beneficial to look at life through specific lenses, because this can give you guidance in an often stressful and chaotic world. However, over time, you can feel that the lenses no longer fit, your vision is limited, or you are touching on a particular theme in the dark.


re-Vision is aimed at finding more helpful patterns and embed old themes in another perspective. With a new vision, you can experience your way through life as less difficult and more joyful.                                                                                                A re-vision of your life requires munay because you have to dedicate your personal will to look upon yourself and your life with love and let go of the obstructing ballast of it.

Besides the munay, a re-Vision probably requires some practice, because you have to learn other stragedys. The old patterns may have been in your family for generations, and inappropriate cultural values and norms have an age-old history. But as an old proverb says; Practice makes perfect.


The coaching and teaching of the munay-technique can be complemented by massage. In this way, various psychological and energetic levels are involved in the process, which increases its effectiveness.

re-Vision via video or phone is also possible.


Depending on your income, the fee is €45, €70, or €95. A session lasts 60-75 minutes.

Minima can discuss the fee.

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