Hi, my name is Uta Negelen.

Born in 1959 in Germany, I now live for in the Netherlands for 35 years. Because I grew up in Niedersaksen in the north of Germany, the flat Netherlands was very familiar to me.

From childhood on, I have a deep connection with nature. As a child, I could dream away just by just seeing a flowering plum tree.  I often forgot all about my friends at the sight of a butterfly. This is why, in my adolescent years, I was inspired to draw and paint. I wanted to study at the Acadamy of Fine Arts, but the compromise with my parents was graphics training.

After moving to the Netherlands, I became a mother of two beautiful daughters and had a lot of opportunities to be creative.

At the time my daughters went to college, I decided to attend a German HBO study to become a teacher. As a minor course, I chose 'Training and Coaching.'

Although I grew up in a strict Christian family,  I have never been able to accept the dogmas of the church and I sought my own spiritual path. After getting acquainted with Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, through my friendship with Jessica, I discovered the philosophy of the Incas.

Their profound connection with Pachamama, Mother Earth, touched me right in my heart. By now, I have attended several seminars from Juan Núñez del Prado. Don Juan is a well-known Perivian anthropologist and one of the most famous spiritual teachers of South America.

The Inca teaching remain a daily source of inspiration and is my permanent companion.


On my spiritual path, the theme of forgiveness appeared to be an overall issue, and it runs like an all connecting thread through my life.

Therefore, I find it self-evident to offer munay workshops in connection with Jessica.

In ayni (reciprocity), I like to pass on my knowledge to people who are open to other views on life, and the options we have to redesign our paradigma.